Announcing A New Film!

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By Suzanne Cross

O.M.G., we’re making a movie! 

(To be more specific, John and I are producing a documentary film in rural Zululand, South Africa, next month.) 

How did we get to this point and how will we ever navigate the journey to our goal? We invite you to come along for the ride.

A Rhinoceros and baby.

It began as a twist of fate.  In 2002, during an African safari trip, we made a side visit to the Nkomo Primary School.  We had seen enough animals and wanted to learn more about the local Zululand community.

Over the next seven years, we returned four times, continuing to build relationships with the Principal, teachers, and children.  Back home, we shared our stories with family and friends and 6 months ago a filmmaker friend said the story would make a good documentary. 

We were hooked, had no experience, but decided to go ahead, anyway.  We realized this is a very interesting story of success in a region with very little.  Making a movie; how hard can that be? 

Now I wish there was a producer’s checklist to make this process easier, but we’re learning every pre-production is as different as every story to be told.  Stay tuned and hear the tales of new filmmakers with passion and determination tell the story of Nkomo on film, encouraged by the generous spirit of the Bay Area documentary community.

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