Fiscal Sponsorship Decisions

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By Suzanne Cross

So now that our website is in place waiting for our attention, the Facebook Page is getting some hits from our friends, and friends of friends, and the weekly blog is gathering interest in our film production process, we need to search for funding to be able to complete the film. 

However, donors and film funders do not just grow on trees, even if we have four trees!  We need a fiscal sponsor for our film so donations to aid production can be tax deductible. 

As a fiscal sponsor, all the money raised will go directly to the sponsor and they will release funds only when we provide documentation that the money is spent for production costs.  They will also provide us with guidance in writing grant proposals to foundations and other organizations that fund documentary films as well as help us network with editors, story consultants, and the other technical contacts we will need.

The obvious choice is the San Francisco Film Society (SFFS).  We are leaving in a week and their deadline for submitting applications is just days away, so we hunker down for two days and put together our film project proposal for the SFFS on-line application. 

We found this surprisingly both useful and satisfying.  We were pulling together all the puzzle pieces and we could see the formation of a viable film project.  We won’t know if we are accepted for 5 to 6 weeks and we are off to an area without internet landline.  Wish us well, or in isiZulu: “hambani kahle”  (go well).

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