Where is “Under Four Trees”?

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By Suzanne Cross

We are now beginning to get some questions from our blog readers who want to know more about where we are going and a preview of the people we will be highlighting in our documentary film. 

First, about the where.  On a map of Africa, look south to locate South Africa.  At the southern tip is Cape Town.  Follow the coastline east up to Durban, and then continue on to the St. Lucia Wetlands.  From there head west, inland to the small town of Hluhluwe, where we get our groceries, gas, and pull Rand out of the local bank’s ATM machine.

Nkomo Primary School is about 30 miles farther up north on the road to Sodwana Bay, past farms of trees, miniature pineapples, and sugarcane, past the electric fences of the expensive safari lodges that contain and disconnect the native wild animals from the South African people. 

At the School you will meet Mrs. Zikhali, the founder and Principal, Mrs. Thanda Myeni, Deputy Principal and dear friend also, and the 900 children in grades R (our Kindergarten) through Grade 7.  If you’d like a closer look, browse the images section here

We will be leaving soon to begin filming at Nkomo and it is time that I have that conversation about insurance needs for the project.  Again, my San Francisco Film Society class notes guide me to the Charles Whelan Insurance Agency, experienced in film production coverage. 

I have to admit, this is an expensive decision to make and I was trying to balance the cost with the risk.  Turns out there are some small production insurance coverage packages that meet our needs and did not break our budget. 

I drop one more colored file (labeled insurance) as completed in the expanding drop file I work from to stay organized.

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