Throwing Out The Web-Net, Searching for Support

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By Suzanne Cross

This no budget film is getting pretty expensive, so I finally make time to have coffee with a marketing and website consultant who we met at our San Francisco Film Society classes (see, “We’re Making a Movie!”). 

If we can reach and touch more people, maybe there is a funder among them interested in assisting with the film production costs.  We also really wanted to share some photos and the film’s story line with more contacts. 

The easiest first step was to set up a Facebook site.  After some mild discussion amongst ourselves, we learned the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page.  We closed out the Group and set up a Page, which is more appropriate for the business aspect of our new marketing plan. 

Finally, this was something John and I could do together, post our favorite photos of the Nkomo School and the young learners on the Under Four Trees Facebook Page.  The web consultant provided me guidance to Active Domain where I reserved the site for a few years. 

We then began searching for a compatible host.  This was all very new to John and me, and much more difficult to make progress than we expected.  There are many choices and decisions to make about the format needed for the web template pages, as well as the availability and quality of the host’s support system. 

We went with Go Daddy, who I had never heard of before, being outside this web environment.  I am not normally a very patient soul, but I am learning to be slow and thoughtful through this process of creating a new web site.  Since the days are quickly flying by, and we do not seem to have anything different to post on the website that is not on the Facebook Page already, we defer attention to the web until we can post some film footage after we return from our trip.

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