Under Four Trees (The Movie)

Mrs Z in office

Nkomo Primary School was started under four trees in a small community in rural South Africa.  The primary school was carefully developed by Mrs. “Mama” Zikhali, the Principal.

This film captures the story of how the School fills a community need, and overcame numerous challenges to become a place where children are nurtured and educated.

The children, with the help of Nkomo, are overcoming many obstacles including hunger, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.  Nkomo Primary School is today an educational model, crafted by an innovative woman through her perseverance and love.

Filmmakers Suzanne Cross and John Simpson have visited the Nkomo Primary School ten times since 2002 and have seen firsthand the huge growth it has undergone and how it has changed the lives of the local children (many who are orphans) and the community for the better.

They’ve documented this amazing story on film and show how the dedicated and visionary Mrs. Zikhali has led the School to its prominence in its community. It has not been an easy task, there has been and still are many challenges and obstacles that still have to be overcome, but with so much tragic news in the world we want to share one positive story.